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500 x 5: Keeps The Foodbank Alive

Donate £5 a month to secure our future and ensure that nobody in your community goes hungry.

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In the last 12-months demand for our services rose by 37% and continues to rise. Currently, we are surviving hand-to-mouth, relying on one-off donations to keep us afloat. This means that we are only ever a few bad weeks away from having to close – leaving hundreds of children and adults without food.

A donation of just £5 a month would help secure our future.

Our core running costs are £2,500 per month, so it would only take 500 amazing people to give £5 a month to give us long-term financial stability. That means that we will be here today, tomorrow and every day that people need our help.

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Ensure nobody in your community has to go without food.

 *There are also £3 and £15 donation options. Please donate at the level that works best for you, all donations are valued equally. 

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