Meet Janet

Our volunteers play a vital part in helping us to fight the food crisis in Newquay. 

Meet Janet, one of our wonderful volunteers at Newquay Foodbank and hear all about her role, why she started volunteering and the difference she is making. 


What is your current role at Newquay Foodbank? 

I currently volunteer at both our St Michael’s and St Columb Minor centres. Although my role at both is based on helping to provide emergency food for those who are in need, the tasks are somewhat different. On Tuesdays (at St Columb Minor) I am part of the Delivery Team which entails initially helping to “bag” appropriate food for those who are unavailable to collect themselves and then delivering to their homes. Deliveries are always done in “teams of two” and are doorstep drop offs. On Fridays (at St Michael’s), contact is directly talking and “shopping” with those clients who come to the Foodbank. For some, this is a case of “just being there”, whilst others can find the whole situation embarrassing and especially if it is a first visit, a friendly, cheerful welcome is reassuring and what is most important.  


How long have you been volunteering with the Foodbank? 

I have been volunteering for about 15 months, having started when I finally retired.


Why did you get involved with the Foodbank? 

During my career as a Teacher and laterly working for a charity supporting vulnerable young people throughout Cornwall, I often met families and individuals who had, or were currently reliant on their local foodbank in order to eat. During the 8 years that I was in this role, I became aware that the number of people requiring such help was increasing at often, alarming, rates. Ironically, it was actually whilst walking my dog and meeting a Foodbank volunteer, that I was able to find out how to apply as a volunteer myself. 


What is your favourite part of your role? 

I really enjoy my role. Meeting people, both fellow volunteers and clients is great and during sessions the atmosphere is friendly and supportive. 


By volunteering with Newquay Foodbank I’ve made a difference by…

Being able to offer an ear to individuals who need to talk to someone who will listen and not judge, along with referring those who need help, to appropriate support,  is what I would class as really being able to make a difference. 


I would recommend volunteering with Newquay Foodbank because…

It gives you the chance to meet some great people whilst maybe, offering a little “something ” back.



To find out more about volunteering with Newquay Foodbank, take a look at our current opportunities here.