Meet Becky

Our volunteers play a vital part in helping us to fight the food crisis in Newquay. 

Meet Becky, one of our lovely volunteers at Newquay Foodbank and hear all about her role, why she started volunteering and the difference she is making. 


What is your current role at Newquay Foodbank? 

Communications Lead and Social Media Officer


How long have you been volunteering with the Foodbank? 

Around 10 months


Why did you get involved with the Foodbank? 

My mum started volunteering with the foodbank as she was in the process of moving to Cornwall and wanted to get to know people and try and integrate herself in the community. She mentioned to me that the foodbank was looking for some help with their social media and as I had some experience doing it for small businesses, I put myself forward to help.  

Then about six months ago, we were in need of a new Communications Lead and as I can’t say no to a new challenge, I took on that role too! 


What is your favourite part of your role? 

I love how fast paced it is and how quickly you can influence something and have an impact.  

It’s also a brilliant place to learn and develop your skills. For example, I’ve been able to lead and create campaigns, which I’d not done before, all in a really safe and encouraging environment. 


By volunteering with Newquay Foodbank I’ve made a difference by…

Raising the profile of the foodbank in the community, which led to increased food and financial donation, enabling us to help even more people across Newquay. 


I would recommend volunteering with Newquay Foodbank because…

you’ll be joining an amazing team of people who are truly making a difference.



To find out more about volunteering with Newquay Foodbank, take a look at our current opportunities here